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I am the Senior Biostatistician at OrACORe and Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Harvard Medical School. I received my Masters degree in Mathematics from Boston University in 2005 and spent 5 years as a statistician and statistical programmer at a statistical consulting company. I joined OrACORe in 2009 and did my pre-doctoral work as a fellow in the Clinical Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal Education and Training (COMET) Program, earning my PhD in Biostatistics in 2014. Dr. Elena Losina served as my dissertation advisor. My dissertation, Informative Censoring with an Imprecise Anchor Event: Estimation of Change over Time and Implications for Longitudinal Data Analysis, focused on the phenomenon of informative censoring. I investigated approaches to detecting informative censoring and considered whether incorporating information about total knee replacement can improve estimates of disease progression in knee osteoarthritis.

My research interests include the analysis of multilevel and correlated data, missing data and informative dropout, group based trajectory and latent growth curve models, and risk prediction. My work in health services research in osteoarthritis includes outcomes research for patients with total joint replacement, applying novel methods to estimate disease progression over time, and in identifying and classifying biomarkers for progression of knee osteoarthritis.

To view recent publications, please visit my Harvard Catalyst profile.

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